In 2011, we decided that Copernica needed to get more involved in academic activities. Medicine is why we are here in Kraków in the first place. And if it wasn’t seriously interesting, nobody would last the 6 years out.

It’s such a huge field and like in all medical schools nowadays, there isn’t time to cover all the practical aspects of medicine well enough. These are things you must experience first-hand and they are things you always wish you knew more about when you are in the hospital later or in other situations where you have to rely on your own knowledge and skills.

But studying abroad, we are fortunate. We have to work extra hard to get the extra knowledge we need to use in our home countries when we return with our degrees. And not really having any serious obligations to any hospitals back home yet, we are free to travel the world and bring back unique experiences with us. We have that opportunity. To explore and go to places we dream about. To meet new people and make our own way.

Copernica Academics is not so much an initiative as it is it’s own branch, spanning various initiatives – all with the common goal to learn and experience more in medicine. To become better and more resourceful doctors and dentists. Copernica Academics was started by Maria Nydal Walmsness, Karl-Erik Karlsen, Christian Lolland, Carina Trydal, Peter E Lorens and Martin Hallmann to further that aim. Anyone interested is free to add their own initiative to the Academics family – or to get involved in existing projects.

Contact Copernica via mail or any of us on Facebook to get started. You are always, very, very welcome!

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