Academic year 2013/2014


StudyAid was created last year by Kjetil, Sondre and Lars, now 6th/6yr, and is designed to be a student-teaching-students initiative. As students ourselves, we thought we could contribute and try to improve education at UJ. Last year we mainly focused on the new 1st year program and taught anatomy and physiology. In addition, we held one microbiology seminar for 3rd/6th. We try to focus on giving interactive seminars and providing the most relevant information in a clinically important context.

PLANS FOR 2013-2014:

StudyAid Introduction course

  • For the new tutors of StudyAid
  • Will be a 2-days seminar and will feature
    • Training in public speaking skills
    • How to give feedback
    • MCQ writing skills
    • Theory on teaching adults
    • How to make interactive and good presentations and seminars

Interactive seminars for 1-6

  • 1. Meeting:
    • Intro to the courses: how to study, what books are recommended, exams
    • Studying techniques, MCQ test taking technique
  • 2. Meeting:
    • General physiology, general anatomy
  • 3. Meeting
    • Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy
  • 4. Meeting
    • Biochemistry, anatomy of thorax and upper limb?
  • Potentially also seminars on Histology and Biochemistry

Other seminars in planning:

  • Microbiology seminar for 2nd, 3rd and 5th year
  • ECG seminar
  • Ultrasound seminar
  • Pharmacology seminar
  • Introcourse in writing patient admission report and filling in drug list
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