This evolved from the idea that we don't think we get a high enough volume of practical training in medschool. Karl-Erik and Peter had some similar thoughts and after talking with students on higher years, settled on developing workshops to meet up and practice useful procedures for later clinical use. The workshops aren't meant to make money, prices only cover the basic equipment and printing costs. Like everything Copernica, we work for free!

Volume One launched spring 2013 after one and a half years of hard work. It is a homemade, practical guide to peripheral intravenous access using IV catheters. We consulted with students in Kraków and with doctors and other healthcare professionals in Norway to make something that would include enough in-depth background theory and explanations to satisfy you, while keeping it simple enough that it would be easy to use. The first edition of the guide was printed in a limited circulation of 250 copies with the help of Ania Misiuda, who has done all of the graphics for Copernica. The guide was distributed to all the 100 participants at the workshop in March. We will hopefully repeat the workshop several times in the future and if you want to get involved, get in contact with us. For instructors, we want students with former practical experience from the military, ambulance services, nursing or other high-volume training occupations. But we could always use help with organizing too.

Volumes Two and Three are works in progress. Meanwhile, feel free to download a copy of our IV guide here

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