While Copernica is composed of all the students at CMUJ:SME and there are dozens of more or less independent groups making up the organization, it also has a central board which helps hold everything together and make sure everyone has the means to develop their initiatives. The Board has a flat decision-making structure, but the President acts as Copernicas face outward. 


2015 - 

    Hans Næss Landmark - Class of '19

  Are Adam  Are Adam Woyseth Larsen - Class of '20

    August Karlseng - Class of '19

    Yngve Mathias Holtsmark - Class of '20


Sturla Markhus Sandoy (President) - Class of '17

Espen Basmo Ellingsen - Class of '17

Eirik Christian Hjelde Anderssen - Class of '17




Henrik Loe (President) - Class of '14

Karl-Erik Karlsen - Class of '15

Matz Grimstvedt - Class of '14

Michael Pihl - Class of '14



Carl Anders Damhaug (President) - Class of '11

Sebastian Orskaug - Class of '11

Jens Martin Gleditsch - Class of '11

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