Fraternity, Sorority, Student Society, Alumni, umbrella organization. Copernica is all of this and more for the international medical and dentistry students at Collegium Medicum Universitas Jagielloniensis, School of Medicine in English.

Anno 2007, a group of Norwegian students with somewhat above average visions sat down around a livingroom table and started sketching the outlines of what would become a new organization. The Jagiellonian University had been drawing international medical students, many of them from Norway, for more than a decade. But Campus life was definitely missing something. The students wanted something more... something different. Drawing on untamed imagination and fueling it with downright megalomania, they cloaked their new venture in a name taken from University history and the street where the hospital buildings were situated. Copernica.

Once unleashed, Copernica spread rapidly and encompassed almost everything the students did at CMUJ:SME. It became a symbol of possibilities, a banner under which everyone gathered with likeminded students to make their dreams come true. At first, it was mainly about creating a party scene for the Norwegian students, but it soon became sports groups, events and academic undertakings. We had to go international to be able to accomodate everyone, from North Americans to Malaysians and French. This has added something unique to the already great university experience in Krakow for generations of doctors and dentists.

Today, we are proud to be the hub where all the international students are welcome to meet and make their university years memorable, forging new friendships and opening new possibilities for each other. We are the students and the students are Copernica.

Copernica is mainly self-funded and run for and by the students. There is no membership fee and no application process. If you are an international medical student, you are one of us and free to take the organization in any direction you wish. This is the idea that became Copernica.

Orient yourself with the help of the webpage. Look around and begin anywhere you want.

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